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Get Your HVAC Ready for Winter

With fall finally here to stay, and the cooler temps of winter on the way, there’s no better time to go over a few basic tips for keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. The worst time to find out that your heating is not running properly is during a cold snap! Not only will you be shivering in your own home, most HVAC technicians will be busy with everyone else who forgot to prepare.

  1. BEFORE temperatures began to drop, schedule a seasonal maintenance check to make sure your system is running properly. Plan ahead to do one in the spring, before temperatures soar in the opposite direction. We are offering a special 10% discount for service calls for our maintenance agreement customers in November!
  2. Clean or change your filters every 90 days – 45 days if you have pets.
  3. Check for good airflow at your registers. Make sure none are blocked by furniture or rugs.
  4. Make sure exterior doors and windows are properly sealed against the weather.

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