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Winterize Your Home

The holidays are finally upon us! Like the rest of the world, we are ready to put 2020 behind us, but first, let’s enjoy the festive time of year. It may look just a little different from years past, but the holidays still mean friends and family, fellowship and fun! The end of December also signals the beginning of winter -- which makes now the perfect time to winterize your home. To get you started, here’s a few tips:


  • Winter means flu season! Protect your home by installing a virus fighting REME Halo.


  • Prevent ice build-up by cleaning out your gutters and installing gutter guards.


  • Weatherstripping doors and windows prevents cold air from seeping into your home and heat from escaping, keeping your home toasty and reducing your utility bill.


  • Customize your heating with a programmable thermostat. Set your temperature for 65° for best energy efficiency when you are at home -- you can keep it a little cooler when you are away. 



  • Keep your trees trimmed and in good condition. Snow and ice can build up on trees, causing weak or dead branches to fall and possibly damage your home.


  • If you have questions about what products your home may need this winter, visit our product knowledge section on our website, or give us a call at 901-362-1881


Wondering which winterizing steps you can do on your own, and when you need to call an expert? Check out this great article from Maid Sailors Cleaning.